• Building relationships since 1959
  • Building relationships with educational and religious facilities
  • Building relationships with a wide range of project types
  • Building relationships for over 50 years

Creative Design

  • Creating solutions that respond to your program needs
  • Creating solutions that reflect your unique character
  • Creating solutions that are cost effective
  • Creating solutions that look forward


  • Honoring all business and professional standards
  • Honoring all business and personal ethics
  • Honoring all relationships - Team
  • Honoring your vision and goals
  • Honoring our natural resources


  • Maintaining the most efficient tools in communication
  • Maintaining the most efficient tools in management
  • Maintaintaining the most efficient tools in design and construction - BIM

Environmental Stewardship

  • Promoting low-impact site development
  • Promoting sustainable design methods
  • Promoting green material use
  • Promoting the design of healthy environments